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We have been providing comprehensive legal services at the highest level for over 30 years.

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Finance, Taxes and Accounting

We take care of dozens of long-term clients, who particularly appreciate the individual and loyal approach of our employees.

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With the combined package of External Internal Lawyer, we will look after both the legal and financial matters of your company.

Every aspect of your business taken care of

About Us

External Internal Lawyer

Our service External Internal Lawyer was established as an alternative to corporate lawyers and financial in-house services. We offer continuous legal representation and consultancy to entrepreneurs and firms in connection with the standard operation of their companies. With External Internal Lawyer service, a team of experts specialized in the scope of your business will always be available to you in our office.

As part of the External Internal Lawyer service, we will assign a contact person to you, who will be at your disposal at all times. This person can regularly visit your company, which means that you can comfortably handle all matters at your office and your contact person will ensure that all your requirements are met.

If your company needs more specialized legal services beyond the scope of External Internal Lawyer , an expert from our law Firm will be ready to help you.

What are the major benefits of External Internal Lawyer?

  • We will look after every field of your business
  • You don’t need to have corporate lawyers or tax/financial advisors
  • You will always have an experienced team of specialists at hand
  • The work performed is charged for 10-minute time segments
  • Fixed prices
  • Low hourly rates


Since its foundation in 1993, the priority of our law Firm has been to provide comprehensive legal services at the highest level both to Czech and foreign clients. Our large team can deal with a wide range of issues in most areas of law. We are ready to offer our clients perfect knowledge in the field they specialize in and enable the smooth and safe operation of their companies.

We have been a partner of many corporate clients throughout their existence. Our clients include individual entrepreneurs, small and medium-sized firms, as well as large and well-known business corporations.

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  • „We weren’t satisfied with our corporate lawyers for some time. They were a high-cost item for the company, but we didn’t have enough work for them in terms of cost-effectiveness. That is why we have chosen External Internal Lawyer as a great alternative. We now we have regular meetings in our company with a contact person from the law Firm, and we always get quick and high-quality legal services. When we needed more complex legal services, we immediately got in touch with a specialist who looked after the issue. So this service offers the best value for our money.“
    P.T.T. Global s.r.o.
  • „Our company specializes in the development and operation of virtual reality. Therefore, it is very important to us that, with External Internal Lawyer, we have at our disposal IT law specialists who know our company very well and focus on the field we specialize in.“
    Torch VR
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